Beyond Fighting 2

Packed with intense beat 'em up action and massive new features! It's just you and your opponent - until knock out! So get ready, FIGHT!

For the best possible gaming experience, we are introducing Premium VS Fremium.

Some of our highlights include:

  • 16 upgradable fighters
  • Upgrade skills: improve speed, boost attacks and extend combos
  • Melee weapons to increase strength and attack range
  • Story mode: fight through tournaments and face final bosses
  • Improved real-time injuries
  • Redesigned survival mode
  • Brand new Go Beyond mode
  • Async online multiplayer
  • Premium VS Freemium: You choose how to play



16 upgradable characters & melee weapons

  • Upgrade your fighter‘s skills: improve speed, boost attacks and extend combos
  • Equip weapons to improve strength and attack range
  • Fight with bare fists or choose between two unique melee weapons per fighter


Story mode: complete tournaments & face final bosses

  • Fight through a variety of tournaments, including standard tournaments, weapon tournaments, survival tournaments and challenge tournaments
  • Beat a final boss at the end of each tournament series


Improved real-time injuries

  • Redesigned injuries system adds a lot more detail to the fighters‘ injuries
  • Dirt on the clothes, cuts and bruises on your fighter‘s skin
  • All in real-time



Async Online Multiplayer

Challenge other players and compete in weekly tournaments! The asynchronous online multiplayer allows you to compete directly with other players. Start a new match, accept a challenge or ask for a rematch!

When playing online, you're automatically participating in weekly tournaments, to determine the best fighters at the end of each week!


Premium VS Freemium

We know, many gamers do not like free-to-play titles, because of all their limitations and waiting times. This is why we are introducing Premium VS Freemium. The player chooses: play the game as F2P OR unlock the full premium version with all content. Once upgraded to premium, all virtual currencies will be removed from the game and the remaining content can be unlocked playing.


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